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'Your Customers are Looking for You on Facebook'.

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Seven Reasons to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

At No Stress, we strive to provide our clients with all of the information and resources they need to enhance and improve their online visibility. These days, you can’t hope to achieve online success without a decent Facebook page. There’s a reason why so many businesses create Facebook pages: They actually work. Learn seven great reasons to create a Facebook page for your business below.

1. Your Customers are Looking for You on Facebook

Facebook is wildly popular. Users love to “like” their favourite businesses on the site. If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page, there is no way for people to “like” it. When you create a Facebook page for your business, a “like” button will appear at the top of it. When people click on that button, they will be connected to your business on Facebook. “Liking” a business on Facebook is a way for people to show support for it. When a person “likes” your company’s Facebook page, they will start to see your activity on their Facebook feed. This is an extraordinary way to keep in touch with your existing customers. It also allows you to reach out to new ones. If people can’t find you on Facebook, they are likely to move along to a different company, and you will miss out on their business.

2. Great Viral Marketing Opportunities

Every business dreams of launching an amazing viral campaign on the Internet. Viral campaigns are the best kind of word-of-mouth advertising these days. It isn’t easy to get one of these campaigns off the ground through the regular Internet. One way to increase your odds of starting a truly viral marketing campaign is by using a Facebook business page. You can use your Facebook page to post updates about everything from company news to interesting videos. The people who “like” your page will be notified when you post these updates. With the click of a button, a person can repost your update and share it with their own friends. This ripple effect can continue on until your message is seen by hundreds or even thousands of additional people. You can imagine what a major advantage that would give you.

3. Adding a Facebook Page Enhances Your Website

You obviously want as many people to visit your website as possible. That’s a lot easier to achieve when you have an active Facebook page. Through the page, you can automatically share updates and news from your existing website. Similarly, people who visit your website can click on a button to “like” your Facebook page too. It’s a nice way to quickly and easily keep in touch with customers and enhance your image. By hiring No Stress to create and manage your Facebook page, you will be able to automatically share new content from your site or blog with your Facebook fans. We know how to integrate existing websites with new Facebook pages to produce amazing results for our clients. Our bespoke social media services are sure to make a difference for you.


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4. Google and Facebook Work Well Together

It’s smart to have a lot of relevant content out there about your company. The search engines crawl that content on an ongoing basis to enhance their results pages. Google pays a lot of attention to Facebook. While individual users’ pages are private, Facebook business pages are public. As a result, the information that appears about your company on Facebook can also appear on Google. A Facebook page can dramatically bolster your ranking with Google. It is easy to maintain too. Every time you post new content on Facebook, it is indexed by Google too. You are sure to find that many people arrive on your page or discover your services through a combination of Google searches and Facebook use.

5. Facebook Places for Enhanced Local Searches

Through Facebook Places, people can “check in” to your place of business with their mobile devices. This will only work for you if you have an actual brick-and-mortar business, of course. If you do, however, it can bring a lot of new business your way. Every time a person checks into your business on Facebook, their friends are told about it. This is a great way to spread the word about your business without being spammy. Without a working Facebook page for your business, people won’t be able to learn more about it when their friends check into it. You can enhance your Facebook Places page with special offers for people who check into it too. Another neat feature is that people who are on their mobile devices and looking for local deals can find your business that way too. The possibilities are truly endless.

6. Event Promotion and Facebook

You can also use your business Facebook account to promote upcoming events. For example, many businesses create event pages for upcoming sales. You can invite your fans to attend your event, which helps to generate even more buzz for your business. Your fans’ friends will see that they are attending your event and may decide to check it out themselves. It’s another way to engage in viral marketing, and it couldn’t be easier.

7. Facebook Questions: A Tool that Enhances Brand Loyalty

Another excellent way to use your business Facebook profile is by surveying your fans. You can do so with ease with Facebook Questions. This feature allows you to create survey questions and post them to all of your fans. These questions are quick and easy to answer, so it’s possible to get a lot of responses in a very short period of time. Your fans will be able to give you a better idea about a wide range of subjects, which could prove to be invaluable. If creating and using a Facebook page for your business sounds confusing, don’t worry. No Stress can help you make the most of this exciting option. We know how to create Facebook pages that get exceptional results, and we can show you how to use yours effectively.



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