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The Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of bettering a website's structure, coding, content and link relationships in order to achieve higher search engine results for targeted search terms.

How Search Engines Index Your Website.

Search engines use automated software known as robots or spiders to gather important information about websites and pages. In order to ensure that these robots can gather this information means optimising the structure and code of the website so that they can easily navigate links and pages.

How Search Engines Provide Results in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

Search Engines use mathematical algorithms to determine the relevance and importance of web pages in relation to the search terms entered. The higher a particular web page ranks in the search engine's results, the more important and relevant it is deemed to be for the user.

Search Engine Ranking Factors

Google has stated that it uses up to 200 different factors within its algorithm to determine the importance of a web page or site within search results.

Three of the main considerations are a website's structure and coding, its content and its links (both internal and inbound).

Structure and Coding

It is important that a website is coded correctly and meets the latest recommended web standards. It is important that websites can be easily navigated.


A web page's content will help determine the relevance it has to a particular search term. A web page that is properly optimised will target these search terms through the use, position and repetition of these keywords.


The number and structure of inbound links from other 'important' and relevant websites is seen as an important factor that Search Engines take in to account within their algorithms. Google has made known that it considers a smaller number of links from relevant and authoritative websites is more important than a huge number of links from irrelevant websites.

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This section answers some of the most regularly asked questions regarding Search Engine Optimisation however it is not exhaustive. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding search engine optimisation or any other aspect of internet marketing.

Is it Possible to Guarantee a First Page Position on Google's Search Results?

Beware any company that promises a First Page Position on Google. It is simply impossible to guarantee a First Page position through SEO. As a professional company, we would assess the competitivity of the keywords you are targeting and recommendations based upon them.

The only way to guarantee a First Page Position is by purchasing advertising through Google (Google Adwords) and outbidding your competitors.

No Stress offer both of the above services so contact us for your personalised recommendations.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

Search Engine Optimisation will usually have some kind of an impact as soon as Search Engine spiders visit your website. The size of the impact will be dictated by many factors including how much optimisation ha taken place, the competitiveness of the targeted keywords and the individual Search Engine Algorithm (Search Engines use different algorithms and display different results).

SEO is not a quick fix, which is why we often recommend a short-term Pay-Per-Click campaign. This allows for immediate lead generation while your website is being optimised. SEO should be considered a long term ongoing process in the same way that other forms of marketing or public relations are. The internet is a competitive place and it is likely that when you stop trying, your competitors will continue advancing and overtake your position.

What are the benefits of SEO?

There are many benefits of SEO but fundamentally:

  • SEO makes your website more attractive to Search Engines.
  • SEO drives FREE targeted visitors to your website.
  • A position on the First Page of Google's Search Results will add value to your business.

Can I use SEO on my existing website?


What sort of ROI (Return on Investment) will I achieve from SEO?

There is no easy answer to this as every 'keyword' and industry is different. There are too many variables to give even an approximate figure. If you need to know the answer to this question, please contact us.

Which is better for my business, SEO or Search Engine Advertising?

Both have their own individual benefits. Search Engine Advertising usually offers better short-term results whereas SEO is beneficial for long-term marketing objectives. We will usually recommend a combination of both dependent on your industry.




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