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'approximately 43% of the searches that are performed each day are for local services and goods'.

Local SEO Services | Local Internet Marketing | Google Local | No Stress

Local Internet Marketing Services

When it first became popular, the Internet was thought of as a way for companies to enjoy global reach. More recently, businesses around the world have discovered the benefits of local Internet marketing. By marketing on a more local level, a business can dramatically enhance its visibility with customers in its immediate area. Unlike in the past, people don’t just use phone directories or go on foot to find businesses. They use the Internet. No Stress can help them find you.

How do People Search for Local Suppliers?

According to studies, approximately 43 percent of the searches that are performed each day are for local services and goods. In other words, people are using search engines like Google like they used to use the Yellow Pages. Google is especially popular in the UK. It pays to show up in local searches on the major search engines, and it’s usually more beneficial than showing up in pricey local directories where you are listed alongside your chief competitors.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

If you are a dentist in Liverpool, do you think someone who lives in Manchester will travel all that way for your services? The answer is “no.” Therefore, it pays to draw in local traffic from people who are located in and around Liverpool. The Yellow Pages used to fulfil this purpose, but Google has largely taken its place. If you don’t show up in the local search results for dentists in Liverpool, you might as well be invisible.


Local Internt Marketing Info

Local Pay-Per-Click Advertising

There are ways to use PPC services like Google AdWords to restrict your ads to searches that originate in the local area. Therefore, if you are a dentist in Liverpool, your PPC ads on Google will appear whenever someone whose IP address is in the Liverpool area performs a search for dentists.

While setting up a PPC campaign, it is important to keep this in mind. It can be very confusing, which is why it pays to hire an experienced PPC company like No Stress. Your first campaign will use local geographic limiters and will zero in on terms like “dentist,” “tooth whitening” and “dentist offices.” When people from the Liverpool area perform searches for those terms, your PPC ads should appear. Your second campaign will be more national in scope. However, your search terms should make reference to the local area. Therefore, terms like “Liverpool dentist” and “dentists in Liverpool” would work well.No Stress has personnel who are trained to understand the ins and outs of Google AdWords. They have the experience that it takes to enhance your local search engine PPC results.

Google Map Listings

At ‘No Stress, we often have clients who are completely unaware of the fact that they have Google Maps listings. If your business has been open for some time, there is almost certainly a listing for it on Google Maps. Google Maps listings are often included in the regular search results, so it is imperative to have an accurate listing. You can claim your Google Maps or Google Places listing with ease. In fact, No Stress can show you how to do so. After claiming it, you will be able to enhance it to include information that will make things easier for your customers.




Local SEO Services and Local Internet Marketing Strategies will Help Your Business Target Local Clients... Call No Stress!